Peace of Mind: From Work, to Home, to Highway

The value of FireMed proved itself to Keri Ortiz on the drive to work one morning.

For Keri, work is a family endeavor. Her great grandfather Joseph Koke started a commercial printing company in Eugene in 1907. Four generations later Keri and her family that own and operate QSL Print Communications. For the Kokes, everyone who works at QSL is family. That is why QSL strives to provide their employees with benefits that go the extra mile. One such benefit is access to a FireMed membership.

“I was on the road with my husband,” says Keri. “I was 7 months pregnant and we were driving down OR-126. Luckily he was driving when I had the seizure.”

A bystander called for an ambulance.

“My husband rode with me in the ambulance,” says Keri. “He said that I was delirious and kept saying, ‘At least I have FireMed. At least I have FireMed.’”

Fortunately, her seizure did no lasting damage and her pregnancy suffered no complications.

“I just got an EOB [explanation of benefits] from my insurance company,” says Keri. “I never got a bill. FireMed just took care of it all.”

FireMed is a membership-based service that covers ambulance and life-flight costs. Keri’s sister, Melissa Koke, the company’s vice president, believes that FireMed coverage serves two functions: Not only does it protect for accidents outside of work (like Keri’s seizure), it also protects employees at work.

“Imagine,” says Melissa, “a warehouse worker feels short of breath and begins to clutch his chest during work. Whether or not he can pay for a hefty transport bill often factors into the decision of calling an ambulance or not. If they don’t call and he is suffering a heart-attack, waiting to call an ambulance could cause serious damage. But, if he’s not having a heart-attack, his co-workers won’t want to stick him with a hefty ambulance bill.”

The solution, says Melissa, is to extend FireMed to all employees.

“We have FireMed,” says Melissa, “so our employees don’t waste a split-second thinking about the cost of an ambulance ride for themselves or their family members. We just want them to pick up the phone and call.”

Keri Ortiz discovered, on that harrowing day four years ago, the peace of mind that comes with a FireMed membership and how it extends from work to home to highway.