The Smiths Move to Coburg

Dusty and Mollie Smith moved their family to a large grassy plot near Coburg. Instead of a city skyline, now the Smiths look out on a grassy field, a horse stable, and plenty of green trees.

Dusty felt the change immediately after they moved.

“We were living near Eugene,” he said. “And until we moved to the country, I didn’t know my shoulders were bunched up around my ears. It was wonderful to get out in nature again. Then I just — phew, relaxed.”

Now Dusty and Mollie spend their Saturday mornings tending to trees, feeding their goats, or riding Mollie’s horse, Mazie. Dusty uses his chainsaw and big branch loppers. Mollie loves gardening with her shears and using the hedge clippers.

“But those bigger tools make us think twice sometimes,” said Mollie. “I mean, what would happen if the chainsaw kicked back? Or if Mazie rolled over on me?”

Not only do the bigger tools make Mollie thing twice, so does the complicated world of health insurance.

“The way insurance is these days,” said Mollie, “you never know what your plan’s going to cover. It’s expensive.”

The Smiths became FireMed members in 2009 because they worried that, even with good medical insurance, an emergency ambulance or helicopter ride could be very expensive. (FireMed members do not receive a bill for emergency medical transports.) Although they’ve never had to use it, Mollie and Dusty remain members because it brings them both peace of mind.

“I’ve got teenagers I leave home, they’re alone,” said Mollie, “and if something were to happen, out here — a fire or anything — I know that the fire department will get here quickly. It also feels good knowing we’re covered financially.”